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Building Healthy Soils

The soil is teeming with life. In a handful of dirt, you will find earthworms, centipedes, beetles, millions of fungi and bacteria, air and water. We truly know that good soil makes bigger and stronger plants. Most of the plant’s nourishment comes from the soil. When they have ample and the right amount of minerals [...]

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Sowing with the Moon and the Stars

“All things have their season, and a time to every purpose under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to reap”. (Ecclesiastes 3:1-2)Do you still read your horoscope? Do you find yourself constantly checking out a person’s Ascendant Sign, and concluding: “oh, you’re [...]

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Biodynamic Agriculture

What is Biodynamic Agriculture? Most people know what organic farming is, but only a few know what Biodynamic agriculture is. Biodynamics was introduced in the 1920’s by an Austrian scientist and philosopher, Rudolf Steiner. This manner of farming takes a unified approach to agriculture by considering the interconnectedness of the soil, [...]

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Truly Greenhouses

We have taken a step farther and have consciously built our greenhouses to be as green as they could be. All our greenhouses are constructed in bamboo. Yes, bamboo! Not those tall, rigid, imposing steel structures, not even concrete, not even hard wood. We do not cut trees! WHY BAMBOO?Prevents global warming: Our greenhouses made entirely [...]

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Biodynamic Gardening: Applying Biodynamics to a Home, Garden or Small Farm

(Article based on: Getting Started with Biodynamic Gardening by by Tom Petherick) First step: The clarity of your Intention is often the most important and a necessary first step. It will be at the core of your gardening/farming. So make a conscious intention to follow the biodynamic route. Some basics:  Most people who are drawn to biodynamic farming, already [...]

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Making Flowers Last

There’s nothing like fresh flowers around the house, especially when they come straight from MyFlowerDepot. Surely you’d like the flowers to last forever or at least for more than a few days! Here are some tips for extending the vase life of your flowers. In a NUTSHELL: Give them water. Give them food. Protect them from decay or infection. Keep them [...]

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Hi, no word can i express how thankful i am for the flowers i ordered and delivered on time. You guys succeeded beyond my expectations! My friend was working in an online shop here in US and he said that the company he's working with are your co-partner/agent sending flowers online to the Philippines. He [...]

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