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Flower Power: Rewards Program

We give you our FLOWER POWER Rewards Program.  Here’s how it works.  Every member earns points for every purchase (Petal Points).  Petal Points can be accumulated to purchase any product on the website.

How does it work?

1.     Create an account and we give you 10 points.

2.    Log-in to your account everytime you purchase at our store.

3.     You earn One (10) Petal Points for every $1 spent.  The Petal Points will accumulate in your account.

4.     Redeem your Petal Points for purchases you will later make.

One Hundred (100) Petal Points=$1.00 Rebate


Terms and Conditions

1.     Petal Points can only be earned by purchasing products from our website.

2.     Every $1 spent gives 10 Petal Points. An accumulated one hundred (100) Petal Points is equivalent to a $1.00 Rebate

3.    Petal Points cannot be redeemed until your credit card has been charged. Petal Points are forfeited if you cancel your order, return an item or request a refund.

4.     The Petal Points are assigned to the email and password you used.  Petal Points cannot be combined or transferred between accounts.

5.     Petail Points cannot be redeemed for prior purchases or retroactively.  It also cannot be refunded. It is not transferrable. It is not convertible to cash. 

6.     Flower Depot may modify or cancel the Flower Power Rewards Program at any time or for any reason.

7.     Reasonable action shall be made by Flower Depot to ensure the smooth operation of the Program but Flower Depot shall not be responsible for technical errors that may occur.



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